Susie Weaver Quilts
featuring the Two Fabric Bargello


The Quilter’s Market gives students the opportunity to fill out an anonymous evaluation after classes. Following are comments taken from several of these evaluations, listed by class title:

  • TO A TEE
    “been quilting since 1974 & this is the best class I’ve ever taken” “Missed the 1st session & Susie was great in catching me up. Lots of samples & variety – Great at answering questions & suggestions. Thanks”

    “Now I want to take a conventional Bargello!”

    “Susie really knows her stuff – many great tips and lots of laughter” “Once again, a terrific class. I now feel comfortable designing more bargello. Looking forward to a 3 day class”

    “Best class I have ever taken! I learned so much in this class. Excellent instructor! I’m a beginner and will be taking more classes from this instructor! Really boosted my confidence. Thank you Susie! :)”
    Suggestion: “A sample that was easier to see that the triangles are made up of 4 different fabrics (The example is beautiful but was difficult to see the pieced triangle)” Also: “Susie as always makes something that appears to be difficult easy to understand and to have the confidence to be able to finish the project at home and to make it again.”

    “I loved this class and learned SO much from this instructor.”
    “Class was lots of fun & Susie always shares lots of tips to make things easier. Love the whole QM store!”

    “I had so much fun today! It was a great class; very informative and relaxed! I enjoyed the learning process and Susie was a great teacher!”
    “Susie gives you so many hints for working on your quilts it is great!”
    “Class was great – Susie was so very helpful & attentive to everyones needs & different levels of experience.”

    ”Susie’s attention to detail is a testament to her ‘self-learned’ status and her willingness to share the little and big things underscores her passion for quilting more eloquently than any other teacher I have worked with. She is a blessing and I will take a class from her before anyone else.”
  • “Wonderful class that teaches techniques necessary to make a better quilt. Every quilter should take this class”
  • “If I had only known all these things – my first quilt would have been a lot easier to put together. I am amazed how beautiful her quilts are underneath – the stitching is absolutely exquisite! Excellent class full of really good tips”
  • “Susie is a wealth of information, this class was wonderful, especially for a beginner! These tips & tricks are not found in books which explain why many of my beginner quilts have problems. The class is a keeper and one I will probably take again!”
  • “I needed to hear this! It made me very aware of squaring things up throughout the quilting process – my quilts will be better for it! Thanks, Susie”
  • “Class was very informative – I have taken a quilt class for two years!! Where?? Palo Alto, Calif. and my previous instructor never explained how to square up my quilts and I have been guessing on placing borders – This class was very important to me and I would try to take it again to make sure I am doing my quilt right. Looking forward to more classes –“

    “Great class – wish we could have had even longer. Inspiring & information and fun! Thank you!!”
  • “Excellent – really helped me know how some quilts were difficult or didn’t turn out right!”

    “I always enjoy Susie’s classes because I learn so much. I love the technique of using a black & white copy to help with value”